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Absolution Poster
UK 2001

35mm Colour

23 minutes

8 day shoot

Panavision Camera

Fuji Stock

Edited on Avid

Sound Editing
Indie Post

Picture Post

Sound Mix
De Lane Lea

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Represented by The British Council

Supported by Screen East and Film Council

Starring: Steve Spiro, Stella Duffy & Lisa Milne Henderson

Director of Photography: Kate Stark

Composer: Gary Hickeson

Editor: Lois Bygrave

Location: London


Paul Hayes has a great job in the City, a beautiful wife and a nice home but the painful childhood memories he is burying are catching up with him and having traumatic effects on his otherwise perfect life and marriage. Desperate to overcome his inner conflicts and sexual inhibitions, Paul visits Joanna, a psychologist who offers an unconventional solution.. suggestive therapy, through which Paul must open his troubled mind to one on one regression sessions and listen to specially prepared audio tapes during sleep. But as Joanna digs deeper into the root cause of Paul's repressed emotions she unearths a terrible secret which has horrific consequences...

How it happened: by Daniel Bronzite

I met Stella at "Noir in Festival" in Courmayeur, a fantastic crime and thriller fest in the Italian Alps - she was there promoting her latest thriller novel. We hit it off instantly, as did most of the small but loud British contingent, so I proposed I write my second short with her in mind. She agreed and the project was under way.

Funnily enough, I also met another crime writer there called Lauren Henderson whose "actress" sister was perfect for the part of the patient's vexed wife - she came onboard and didn't let me down.

The pre-production was spread over a good few months because I was busy writing for Working Title, but when I finally secured my cast and locations, Steve flew over from L.A. and the filming began.

Panavision, Lee Lighting, Fuji and Technicolor were extremely helpful in facilitating this production which kick started on November 14th 1999 for seven long and stressful yet ultimately enjoyable days.

We had a crew of twenty-five and filmed in nine locations around London and Essex. The production was fast and intense, especially due to some of the violent subject matter contained in the script, but everyone involved were true stars and gave 110%.

The core crew shot an additional pick-up day in Bow Studios two weeks after we wrapped the intitial production and these scenes thankfully integrated themselves seamlessly into the final piece.

Lois immediately started putting together a cut at Red Square Editing, after which I flew to Germany where Gary composed an amazing soundtrack. Some months later I graded and assembled the picture digitally with the help of The Moving Picture Company.

We track-layed and edited the sound at Indiepost and I was then lucky enough to have Henry Dobson (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Leaving Las Vegas) to mix the film with the help of Mathew Gough at De Lane Lea who have been extremely enthusiastic.

So now, after nearly two years, the titles and credits have been inserted and I am relieved to say that the film is finally complete!

I am extremely happy with the outcome and have to admit that although at times the many obstacles thrown across my path seemed insurmountable and the project felt like an unachievable dream, the hard work and perserverence has paid off.

I'm not going to pretend it was easy, far from it, but the learning curve I was forced to climb will hopefully stand me in good stead for future features. I thank everyone involved and look forward to sharing it with as many audiences around the world as possible.

November 15th, 2001

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