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why do I need a script consultant?

The sad but true fact is, you usually only get one chance for an agent or development executive to like your script, and sometimes if you don't grab them in the first ten pages.. you've lost them for good!

The problem with most new writers is they do not know the rules of screenwriting or comprehend the sheer mountain of screenplays development executives have to plough through on a daily basis.

If execs come across a script that is poorly written and incorrectly formatted, as a great deal of first time scripts are, they may not even reach the end because the writer has inadvertently put too many obstacles in their way. So, although getting your best friend, family member or neighbour to read your script is a help, if they do not have hands-on experience of screenwriting, you are going to need the advice and wealth of experience of someone who does.

Getting your screenplay read by an agent or producer is hard enough, so give yourself the best chance possible and be prepared!

what do I get for my screenplay consultation fee?

Daniel Bronzite will read your script and return a "red-lined" copy along with 2-3 typed pages of detailed notes regarding: storyline, format, structure, dialogue, characterization, and commercial potential. He will make suggestions to improve any problem areas and answer any questions you may have. He will also comment on your writing style and "tricks" you can employ to make your story jump off the page!

In addition, Daniel will be available for a 30 minute telephone consultation to discuss his suggestions and clarify his advice. He will also be open to a few follow-up e-mails regarding your script.

Requirements: A completed feature-length screenplay (90-130 pages) in COURIER FONT, 12 POINT SIZE.

Turnaround time once script and payment are received is approximately two weeks, for a flat fee of 150.

(Rates increase if over 130 pages or if urgently required)

what do I get for my treatment consultation fee?

Daniel will read your treatment and return a "red-lined" copy which may (but not always) include additional typed notes. During a 30 minute telephone consultation, Daniel will analyze your treatment, letting you know if your story will work as a screenplay and advising you of any potential problems you may encounter. Suggestions will also be made as to how you can overcome these problems.

Turnaround time once treatment and payment are received is approximately two weeks, for a flat fee of 60 for up to 15 pages.

how do I get started?

Telephone: 020 8550 0992 (within UK)

Or call +44 208 550 0992 (outside UK)

10am-6pm (GMT)

You can also email

When submitting your screenplay or treatment you will need to enclose a signed release form. This is a standard industry procedure and by no means relinquishes your copyright.

We look forward to helping you make the most of your talent!


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