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Absolution Poster
UK 2001

35mm Colour

23 minutes

8 day shoot

Panavision Camera

Fuji Stock

Edited on Avid

Sound Editing
Indie Post

Picture Post

Sound Mix
De Lane Lea

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Represented by The British Council
stella duffy

Stella Duffy Stella Duffy was born in the UK and grew up in New Zealand.

She now lives in London and works with the comedy company Spontaneous Combustion, and also teaches improvisation to both actors and writers.

She has published four short stories and is the author of a play The Hand, for Gay Sweatshop, a stage play for Steam Industry Crocodiles and Bears, a one woman show, and seven novels.

Stella has great comedic timing, charisma and a feel for her craft, and the one thing she admits she will never do.. is stand still.

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