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Nuvotech Releases Movie Outline Reference Plugins

Filed under: Press Releases by admin @ 1:42 pm on July 8, 2004

July 8, 2004  (London, UK) – Nuvotech is pleased to announce the release of new Reference Plugins for its screenplay outlining software Movie Outline 1.0.

New Plugins

  • Spider-Man (2002) Fantasy Action-Thriller
  • Seven (1995) Crime Thriller
  • Ghost (1990) Supernatural Thriller
  • Pretty Woman (1990) Romantic Comedy
  • The Terminator (1984) Sci-Fi Action-Thriller
  • Dead Poets Society (1989) Drama

About Reference Plugins

Different genres of movies require different amounts of scenes. Dramas are typically around 35-40 scenes because they usually have longer scenes than Thrillers, Comedies and Action and Adventure movies which are normally around 45 scenes with more action and less dialogue.

To help plan out your project, Movie Outline allows you to simultaneously refer to produced feature film outline analyses and gauge the progress of your own story in contrast to some of the most successful Hollywood movies. So if you get stuck on scene 15 and wonder if your structure is working, simply select your movie Reference Outline and see what happens at the same time in this example.

By comparing your own character arcs, escalating conflicts, plot points and three act structure with the pros, you will be able to amend mistakes in your own pacing and successfully produce a well-structured screen story!

About Movie Outline

Movie Outline is an innovative step-outlining application allowing screenwriters to plan the structure of their screen story before writing the screenplay. It enables simple story planning with flexible scene reorganization and simultaneous reference to successful Hollywood movies. By streamlining the creation process of the entire outline structure, Movie Outline gives the screenwriter the space to think while constructing their story.

About Nuvotech

Movie Outline is developed and distributed internationally by Nuvotech, a British technology company based in London, founded by produced screenwriter and director Dan Bronzite to publish innovative software for the creative industry.

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