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Nuvotech Expands Digitial Distribution with Protocall Technologies

Filed under: Press Releases by admin @ 2:22 pm on November 16, 2005

November 16, 2005  (London, UK) – Nuvotech has just launched its popular screenwriting software Movie Outline on Protocall Technologies’ SoftwareToGo network, which will expand its digital distribution channel through CompUSA, TigerDirect and Amazon, and enable point of sale product access through in store On-Demand technology.

SoftwareToGo Distribution

The SoftwareToGo system is a new approach to selling software, allowing customers to review software features and to then purchase shrink-wrapped software directly from a software display and delivery kiosk within the CompUSA and TigerDirect store. SoftwareToGo allows retailers to offer thousands of software titles for sale in a 15 sq. ft. area that would otherwise take up 5,000 sq. ft. of retail selling space.

“Although we also manufacture and distribute our own physical product, we have realized for a long time that digital distribution and on-demand technology was the way forward,” says Dan Bronzite, CEO of Nuvotech. “Our priority is giving potential customers as much access as possible to our software and SoftwareToGo will do this, adding another channel to our current distribution programme of both physical and digital sales through our website and reseller network.”

As well as in store sales, SoftwareToGo gives TigerDirect a real-time on-demand software production capability through its website, enabling the company to offer 24-hour shipment for software orders. From the TigerDirect website, orders are transmitted electronically to the SoftwareToGo production units, which produce the software CDs complete with original manufacturer’s full-color packaging, certificate of authenticity and unique user ID. The orders are shipped same-day by Protocall Technologies directly to TigerDirect’s customers.

About Movie Outline

Movie Outline is an innovative step-outlining application allowing screenwriters to plan the structure of their screen story before writing the screenplay. It enables simple story planning with flexible scene reorganization and simultaneous reference to successful Hollywood movies. By streamlining the creation process of the entire outline structure, Movie Outline gives the screenwriter the space to think while constructing their story.

About Protocall Technologies

Protocall Technologies Incorporated is the innovator of on-demand digital content distribution. Its flagship SoftwareToGo® electronic delivery system is the industry’s standard for on-site production of brand name software CDs, for both traditional and Web retailers. Protocall provides retailers and digital content owners with specialized systems programming, digital rights management and electronic merchandising services for front and back-end fulfillment operations.

About TigerDirect

TigerDirect, Inc., a subsidiary of Systemax Inc., is part of a family of branded e-commerce web sites, direct mail catalogs, retail stores and relationship marketing selling name-brand PC hardware, related computer products and industrial products, to businesses in North America and Europe. Systemax is a Fortune 1000 company.

About CompUSA

CompUSA, Inc., a Dallas-based company, is one of the nation’s leading retailers and resellers of technology products and services. CompUSA currently operates more than 250 locations in more than 90 major metropolitan markets across the United States and Puerto Rico. In addition, CompUSA’s Web site offers an assortment of more than 170,000 items.

About Nuvotech
Movie Outline is developed and distributed internationally by Nuvotech, a British technology company based in London, founded by produced screenwriter and director Dan Bronzite to publish innovative software for the creative industry.

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