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Screenwriting Myths Debunked

Filed under: Screenplay Writing Software by admin @ 3:15 pm on February 28, 2011

A lot of talented writers make the mistake of giving up on a career in screenwriting before they even get started. Much of this lack of belief stems from the numerous myths surrounding the world of screenwriting, which discourage people from chasing their dreams.

The majority of these myths are completely baseless or outdated, as the world of screenplay writing could well be more open than you think:

-    You don’t have to be famous or already working in the movie industry to get a screenplay noticed. Production companies and television networks are constantly on the lookout for new talent with fresh ideas and perspectives. Plenty of successful movies were conceived and developed by new writers without any prior industry affiliation.

-    It doesn’t matter if you struggle to come up with completely new and unique ideas. The truth is that a one of a kind concept is extremely rare and seldom necessary. Many exciting and successful screenplays have been based on works of literature, TV shows and even other movies. As long as your screenplay is well-written and has a coherent storyline it has every chance of getting industry recognition.

-    Don’t worry if you’ve never written a script before. Everyone has to start somewhere, and as with any new activity, the best way to improve your technique is through assisted practice. Even if you don’t know exactly how a screenplay should be set out, there are many useful tools that can help you. Screenwriting software can guide you on those first steps towards writing a structured story that meets industry requirements.

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