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Need more than just a basic script formatter?

Don't worry, you're not alone. That's why we developed Movie Outline screenwriting software, to help you turn your movie idea into a professional screenplay. And although we can't cure writer's block, we can at least make the creative writing process as simple as possible.
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How To Write A Script With Screenplay Writing Software

So, you've spent months working on a script. It has an excellent story, strong character arcs and a loveable protagonist, however, if you fail to present your script to industry experts in the proper format, then your work may be lost among the thousands of script submissions that production companies and agents receive every year. Why is correctly formatting your screenplay important? Because creative writing in itself is not enough and a professionally formatted script is not only an easier read but it demonstrates that you are a passionate writer who takes pride in their work and this is where script writing software can help. You can also learn screenwriting and how to format a script by studying at one of the top film schools and getting an MFA in Screenwriting.

Let's assume that you know how to write a script, and you are about to send it to an agent, producer or studio executive who may very well make a decision that could change your life. The first thing to remember is this: if you submit a screenplay that is not properly formatted, this will alert the reader to the fact that you are a novice writer before they've even read a single word. Chances are that these screenplays are being sent in by people who know how to write a script or story, but the fact that it isn't presented in the right way means that it will be in the trash before lunch. So how do you overcome this first hurdle? Simple. Ditch your regular word processor and take advantage of a tailored script writing software solution.