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Features Movie Outline 3 Movie Magic 6 Final Draft 9
Pricing & Support
Retail Price $199.95 $229.95 $249.99
Free Phone Support
Email Support
Supported Platforms
iPhone/Android/Windows RT Tablets
Writing Features
Automatic Script Formatting
Drag 'n' Drop Scene Cards
Drag 'n' Drop Step Cards
Fully-Integrated Step-Outlining
Story Structuring & Templates
Character Profile Development
Character Arcs & Tracking
Character Speech Count
Dialogue & Voice-Over Focus
Story Pacing Analysis Tools
Movie Breakdowns & Pacing Graphs
Dual Column Dialogue
Story "To-Do" List Feature
Import & Export
Import & Auto-Format from TXT/RTF
Import & Auto-Format from PDF
Import & Export Final Draft® FDX Files
Scheduling Export for Production
Export to PDF/HTML/TXT/RTF/Secure
Production Features
Scene Numbering
Scheduling Breakdown For Export
Revisions Mode & Tracking
Page & Scene Locking
Other Features
Live Spell-Checking & Thesaurus
Auto-Convert & Auto-Capitalization
Auto Backup, Save & Pagination
Multi-Keyword Search & Results
Multi-Tabbed Panel Project Views
Purchase & Download Movie Breakdowns into Library
Online Collaboration Limited Limited
Hollywood Script Express Integration

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