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Recommended Reading For Screenwriters & Filmmakers

Essentials Of Screenwriting

Author: Richard Walter

The Art, Craft and Business of Film and Television Writing

Screenwriting 434

Author: Lew Hunter

A Practical Guide To Step-Outlining & Writing Your Screenplay


Author: Syd Field

The Foundations Of Screenwriting

The Writer's Journey

Author: Christopher Vogler

Mythic Structure For Storytellers & Screenwriters


Author: Robert McKee

Substance, Structure, Style & The Principles Of Screenwriting

Adventures In The Screen Trade

Author: William Goldman

A Personal View of Hollywood

Selling A Screenplay

Author: Syd Field

The Screenwriter's Guide To Hollywood

Writing Screenplays That Sell

Author: Michael Hauge

The Complete Step-By-Step Guide.. From Concept To Development Deal

Writing Treatments That Sell

Author: Kenneth Atchity & Chi-Li Wong

How To Create & Market Your Story Ideas To The Movie & TV Industry

I Liked It, Didn't Love It

Author: Rona Edwards & Monika Skerbelis

Screenplay Development From The Inside Out

The Four Magic Questions Of Screenwriting

Author: Marilyn Horowitz

How To Structure Your Screenplay Fast

Making Movies

Author: Sidney Lumet

An Insider's Account Of The Key Elements In Filmmaking

Directing Actors

Author: Judith Weston

Creating Memorable Performances For Film & Television

Rebel Without A Crew

Author: Robert Rodriguez

How A 23-Year-Old Film-Maker With $7,000 Became A Hollywood Player

Film Directing Shot By Shot

Author: Steven D. Katz

Visulaizing From Concept To Screen
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