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Screenwriting Resources

A Wealth Of Information For Script Writers & Creative Writing

Screenwriting Articles

A comprehensive archive of over 180 articles on screenwriting and story telling.

Screenwriting Books

A list of recommended reading for script writers and filmmakers.

Script Writing Glossary

A glossary of screenwriting terms and filmmaking definitions.

Screenplay Format Guide

How to professionally format and layout a Hollywood movie script.

Outlining Your Story

How to plan your story before writing a full script.

Screenwriting Tips

A series of short articles and exercises to help improve your script writing.

Entertainment Law FAQ

Legal questions & answers about screenwriting and the entertainment industry.

Copyright Registration

Information about protecting your screenplay and author's rights.

Script Copying & Submission

How to professionally submit your screenplay using Hollywood Script Express.

Script Coverage, Story Notes & Proofreading

Prepare your script for submission with Hollywood Script Express.

Best Academic Screenwriting Programs & Film School Degrees

A list of the best MFA in Screenwriting programs in the USA.