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Get Your Script Ready For Submission With Hollywood Script Express

Finishing a full-length feature screenplay or TV pilot is a feat in itself and deserves a pat on the back or even a high-five! But that's not where the screenwriting process ends, because before you send your screenplay out to producers, agents and contests you need to ensure it is in the best state it can be -- no typos, good characterization, a strong theme, clever plot, quality dialogue and a story that works.. that's where the professional screenplay development services of Hollywood Script Express can help.

Studio Style Script Coverage

When you submit your script to a studio or production company, a junior agent, executive's assistant or professional reader is normally the first person to read your work.. not the person you sent it to. They are the people you need to convince. They usually write what is known as a script coverage report which is essentially a document that describes your screenplay's story and theme and estimates its commercial potential if it were ever to make it to the big screen.

Story Analysis & Development Notes

If you need a more in-depth critique of your screenplay then our story notes service offers you a professional analysis of your screen story and its viability as a motion picture project, including page specific notes and comments, recommendations for improvement and analysis of your screenplay's strengths and weaknesses.

Screenplay Proofreading

Professional readers, producers and agents have to read hundreds of scripts per year. It's not unusual for a reader to have to take home 10-20 scripts to read over a weekend. That's weekend — the reader's own personal time. Overwhelmed, their goal is to get through those scripts as quickly as possible and this means weeding out the obvious clinkers. That's why proofreading your script is so important. So, don't give them a reason to start skimming your script or to stop reading on page 1 or 5 or 10 or 30. Eliminate the common mistakes that make readers growl, roll their eyes and set their minds to wandering.

Script Submission & Copyright Protection

Once your script has been proofread or perhaps even rewritten according to the coverage and story notes you have received, Hollywood Script Express lets you submit your screenplay to agents, producers and contests and manage your submissions through a suite of powerful submission tracking tools which include contact management, follow-up reminders, feedback compilation, response stats and copyright protection.

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