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What's New in Script Studio...

We're blessed and grateful to have enthusiastic, supportive and loyal customers who are keen to spread the word about our software and send us both positive and critical feedback. We've taken your comments on board and have re-designed Script Studio from the ground up.

Award Winning Screenwriting Software

Supporting The Latest Technologies

  • Retina / HiDPI
  • Unicode Text Input
  • Right-To-Left Languages & Diacritics
  • Windows Touch Screen Gestures
  • Dictation Assistant
  • Table Read "Text-To-Speech" & Save Audio To File
  • Improved Spell-Checking With 114 International Dictionaries
  • 26 International Thesauri
  • Improved Licensing System
  • In-App Auto-Update & Install

Re-Designed Modern Intuitive Interface

  • Toggle Feature Navigation
  • Night Mode & Customizable UI Theme
  • Writing Mode Toolbar
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Font & Zoom Preview
  • Customizable List Views
  • Global Search
  • Interactive FeelFactor Graphs
  • Resizable Character Spotlight Window
  • Character Spotlight & Arcs Input Fields Can Now Handle Style

Novelist Friendly

  • Specific Novel Mode For Authors
  • Customizable Chapter Headings
  • Chapter Heading Divider Gallery
  • Custom Linespacing & Layout
  • First-Line Indent
  • Automatic Page Break For New Chapters

Improved Import, Export & Printing

  • Import Content From Another Movie Outline / Script It! Project
  • Import Character Profiles From Another Movie Outline Project
  • Option to Merge Into Existing Project On Import
  • Improved Import & Export to RTF
  • Imports & Exports Fountain Files
  • Imports & Exports Final Draft 10 Files
  • Export HTML Step Navigation List Option
  • Print & Export Title Page Option
  • Print & Export Step Cards With Layout Options Including Laser Stationary Index Cards

Writing Features

  • Fully Editable WYSIWYG Dual Dialogue
  • Custom Courier Nuvo Font
  • Smart Quotes
  • Toolbar Project Search & Find Previous
  • Improved Character Arc Functionality
  • Customizable Element Templates & Samples Including Musical, Stageplay & TV Scripts
  • New Act Break Elements & Page Break Option
  • Sample Short Story Project
  • Propp's Folktale Narratemes PowerView Template
  • Screenwriting Glossary

Other New Features

  • Character Image Gallery
  • Character Name Wizard
  • Global Scratch Pad
  • Customizable Highlight Labels
  • Customizable FeelFactor Label & Color
  • Project Chooser
  • Session & Step / Chapter Statistics
  • Improved Insert Symbol / Character Map
  • Drag 'n' Drop PowerView Sections
  • Improved PowerView Structure Behavior When Adding / Deleting Steps

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