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Screenplay Copyright

Movie & TV Script Copyright Registration For Writers

Intellectual Property Registration

In most countries, a document, work, or creative project such as a motion picture screenplay is automatically copywritten upon its creation and by placing the author's name, date and the word 'copyright' or the legally accepted symbol © you are declaring the copyright.

But this does not protect you in case of litigation or a credit arbitration. And neither does posting yourself a copy of your work through registered or recorded delivery. In reality, the only way to prove ownership of a work is through independent documentary evidence of date and time of registration.

Copyright Through The US Library of Congress

Although copyright protection exists at the moment of creation, only The US Copyright Office can issue a formal copyright, and registration with the Copyright Office is required before a lawsuit can be brought. Because of this we advise all writers to file their work with the US Copyright office but be advised, this process can take up to six months to complete.

Copyright Protection with Hollywood Script Express

Because waiting up to six months to send out your script is not practical, for added peace of mind, we also recommend using our Copyright Registration Service which creates a digital timestamp of your work upon submission, and in the event of litigation or arbitration we will provide independent documentary evidence of your registered work on your behalf. And if you make your script submissions through HSX each one will be logged on your account which can also help in establishing proof of submission in the case of copyright infringement.

Better Safe Than Sorry...

You should also always save all correspondence with anyone you send your work to, whether through Hollywood Script Express or a third party. Even rejection letters can be important evidence in an infringement case.