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Transformational Character Arcs: Part 3 - Personality Types

By The Unknown Screenwriter

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Personality Types Continued:


The Creator has imagination and is enthusiastic. No problems working alone but can sometimes be both forgetful and impractical yet always manages to see the BIG PICTURE.

It is very likely that the majority of writers fall into The Creator personality type. Creators see the world in uniquely different ways than others and can often be oblivious to others when they are IN THE ZONE.

Generally speaking, The Creator gets along well with others but can be insensitive to them as well. They hate conformity and often work toward being unconventional. The Creator is one hell of a brainstormer. Again, you’ll probably meet The Creator in career fields like art, writing, composing, and research. They prefer to work alone most of the time.


The Dependent is one of those NEEDY people. Needy TO THE EXTREME. They are often shy and lack self-confidence. The Dependent normally has issues with anger and is super-aggressive but at the same time, one hell of a procrastinator and requires continuous support. They lack initiative but are willing to take on projects nobody else wants just to get a little attention. However, they rarely finish anything because they fear it simply won’t be good enough.

They consume themselves with the fear of being abandoned as well as being disappointed. They constantly manipulate people and situations so as to receive any kind of care from them i.e., physical, emotional, financial, etc. They are in fact so reliant on others that they rarely gain any kind of real independence.

The Dependent is easily embarrassed and humiliated as well as always seeking guidance and advice from others. They need constant reassurance that they are valuable, beautiful, and effective yet they absolutely fear any kind of evaluation in the work place. They love to fly under the radar and are never around when you need them i.e., they wait for others to take action.

The Dependent fears losing any kind of approval at home, work, and social environments. A very clingy person, The Dependent is prone to making lots of sacrifices in order to LOOK GOOD. They are very quick to attach themselves to what they would consider a significant other i.e., a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife yet because of their character traits, these relationships rarely last even though The Dependent always gives in to the significant other.

You’d expect to find The Dependent working in career fields where having any kind of initiative is not a requirement. Any kind of a clerk position. Repetitive white collar work over manual labor. They often seek employment where they are consistently told what to do.


Often thought of as THE WEIRDO, The Eccentric really is different from everyone else. Very self-absorbed and absent-minded. Forget giving The Eccentric a THINGS TO DO LIST, he or she will just get annoyd at you for burdening them. They often like to work alone and when they do work with others, they often frustrate the hell out of them.

They are extremely inept when it comes to interpreting other people’s behavior and often take those interpretations very personal. The Eccentric often talks to themselves both internally and externally.

Most Eccentrics possess some unique skill or talent that totally absorbs their life in detriment to those around them. They quite often demonstrate what would be classified as strange behavior to the average perso. Expect The Eccentric to be totally out of touch with current trends, news, media, etc.

A lot of Eccentrics come off as rude but in reality, they would never actually know or realize that they’ve been rude to you as their behavior is never meant to insult or abuse. You’ll find The Eccentric working in mostly solitary environments, artists, researchers, writer… Probably a screenwriter or two in there.


Believe it or not, The Extrovert is probably the most NORMAL of the entire slew of personality types. The Extrovert is normally a very likeable person who gets along extremely well with others.

The Extrovert is very adept at working the crowd and working the room. They tend to do very well when involved in kinetic, vigorous, and energetic activities. The Extrovert is that girl or guy that’s extremely talkative. They do not intimidate easily because they have convictions that they truly believe in.

These are very expressive individuals with optimistic outlooks on life. Outgoing and enthusiastic, The Extrovert is often very popula. They are almost always involved in one or more groups in which they are immensely active. Please try not to be or get too depressed around The Extrovert because they just plain don’t get it and they certainly do not want to share in your depression.

In fact, The Extrovert goes out of their way to put themselves in situations where depression is not an option; often seeking refuge within small to large groups of people along with just about any kind of social situation where they can flap their wings. While The Extrovert is often friendly, a lot of that friendliness is probably superficial because they lack intimacy skills.

You know The Extrover, you see them everywhere they can be in front of a large group of people and they tend to migrate toward those types of careers i.e., teachers, clergy, motivational speakers, and the like.


Gee… The poor Fall Girl or Fall Guy. We’ve all been there i.e., in the wrong place at the wrong time and usually with the wrong people. The Fall Guy or Fall Girl is very trustful of people. You know, the kind of person that you can tell ANYTHING to and they’ll believe it. The Fall Girl and The Fall Guy were born yesterday. They're naive, patsies, and suckers. Remember the kid in grammar school who everyone always played the joke on? You get the picture.

Normally an underachiever, The Fall Guy or Fall Girl has a very narrow sphere of interests. They tend to be followers and possess extreme lack of judgment. Most of the time, The Fall Girl or Fall Guy doesn’t even realize when they’ve been HAD i.e., somebody, usually a trusted friend who doesn’t take advantage of them has to sit them down and explain it to them.

Why? Because The Fall Guy and Fall Girl possess absolutely zero analytical skills. A huge problem for Fall Guys and Fall Girls are the unscrupulous personality types that receive their signals. When a Fall Guy or Girl does actually bolster up some ambition, it’s often misdirected and can get them into trouble. Think GET-RICH scheme, too good to be true opportunities, the kinds of people telephone marketers go dialing for dollars for.

The good news? The Fall Guy or Fall Girl can pretty much find themselves in any kind of career. The bad news? You already know.


By the same token, all of us probably know a personality type that falls under The Fearful. Afraid of just about ANYTHING; change, relationships, situations, rejection, etc. Their fear is at the utmost center of their thinking although having said that, they don’t realize that they are in fact afraid.

The Fearful always assumes the worst. Often withdrawn from society, they hate to even think about taking risks or chances because they always assume failure. I guess you could say that The Fearful is almost the opposite of The Extrovert above; so putting these two personality types together will very likely result in an interesting story.

The Fearful goes out of their way to avoid any kind of activity that MIGHT put them in a position of discomfort. They usually consider themselves unattractive yet they are concerned with their appearance.

Very rarely will The Fearful involve themselves with any kind of group or organization yet they are extremely sensitive to others. That sensitivity almost never transitions into any kind of intimacy because of The Fearful's fear of rejection even though on the inside, they truly long for said intimacy.

A generally unhappy person, The Fearful once again fails to realize that they are unhappy and simply chooses to have the opinion that EVERYTHING SUCKS. The Fearful embarrasses easily so of course, and if there’s even a smidge of a chance of that happening, they will totally avoid that situation.

You’ll find The Fearful working in career fields where taking initiative is not a requirement. A simple THINGS TO DO list is preferable over any type of job where a decision might have to be made. They prefer to take orders rather than give them. The Fearful makes a great housekeeper or personal assistant.

Next month we’ll look at a few more on the list!

Next Article in series.

About The Unknown Screenwriter

A working screenwriter and producer, The Unknown Screenwriter makes his home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California and somewhere in the state of New Mexico with just a little bit of Los Angeles thrown in when he feels he can breathe the air.

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