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Spacer Spacer Spacer Top 10 Reasons to Write a Spec Pilot
By Ellen Sandler

Whether you're an established film/TV writer or an aspiring one, you've heard it – everybody in town has said it – you should write a spec pilot. Didn't used to be that way. Up until about five years ago, it was considered crazy or just plain clueless to write a pilot that wasn't commissioned by a network – nobody would read it, no agent would consider looking at it. (I did it anyway – tell you more about that later) But all that changed in 2004 when Marc Cherry, a veteran TV writer experiencing a downturn in his career (he'd moved in with his mother and was sleeping on her couch in Orange County), looked around at suburbia and wrote Desperate Housewives ON SPEC. ABC, which was experiencing a little desperation of its own that year, hovering as they were at the bottom of the ratings with no hot prospects in their development pipeline -- picked it up and put it on the air. The rest, as they say, is Emmyland! And now, everybody wants to read an original pilot.

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Spacer Spacer Feedback For The Faint-Hearted
By Julie Gray

We've all been burned by bad feedback. Rude, insensitive, bossy, arrogant, wrong-headed, cruel even. Oh, I have some bad memories of that. I gave my very, very first script to a demi-friend and he said he thought it was "pablum". I'll save you the Google look up: Trite, insipid, or simplistic writing, speech, or conceptualization. He was probably right – it was my first script – ever. I was lucky to have slug lines and page numbers, actually. But he went straight for the jugular. That comment hurt me deeply and really took the wind out of my sails for some time. That hasn't been my only bad experience but obviously the story has stuck with me.

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Spacer Spacer Italian Director Gabriele Muccino & seek UK Film Talent, the new website to connect filmmakers, has teamed up with Peroni Nastro Azzurro and renowned Italian director Gabriele Muccino to provide you with a unique competition to work with him on his next project.

As a celebration of the uniqueness of Italian film making, Peroni Nastro Azzurro is proud to announce that it has partnered with Gabriele Muccino to make a short film, encapsulating the Italian art of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. And here is your chance to work on that film and study the art of Italian film-making with one of the leading names in Italian Cinema.

Gabriele Muccino won the World Cinema Award at the Sundance Film Festival for 'L'ultimo bacio' and more recently was handpicked by Will Smith to direct the films 'Pursuit of Happyness' and 'Seven Pounds' both of which received critical acclaim and enjoyed huge commercial success around the world.

Having submitted your application, and an example of your work, you will enter the competition. The lucky winners will fill eight posts covering a variety of disciplines from directing and producing, make-up and wardrobe, right through to the final stages of editing, CGI and composing. So whether you are a Make-up artist or in the Art Department, you will have the opportunity of working with a master of his trade, studying the intricacies of Italian film making, and the passion and craftsmanship at its core.

But don't take our word for it... hear from Gabriele Muccino himself about why he wants you involved.

The winners, will be paid for their work (some going to Italy to work on the film), may benefit from press exposure and all eight will have the opportunity to attend the Premiere in London with a friend.

Those who aren't already members of One Fat will benefit from 8 weeks free premium membership to the website and early applications are strongly encouraged.

Please do remember to fill in a full CV/Resume and where you have a showreel or portfolio be sure to set it as your showcase.

Click here for more details.
Spacer Spacer Script P.I.M.P. Screenwriting Contest

$20,000 overall CASH to winners - $80,000 in prizes, including the chance to win a MacBook Pro w/Final Draft software

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Writers may request general script notes for an extra $40

The 2010 Script Pimp Screenwriting & TV Contests are accepting entries for feature film and TV scripts-all genres, styles, and lengths accepted. Former winners have gone on to see their scripts optioned and sold, while others have gained representation or writing assignments at major production companies and studios.

$20,000 in cash to the finalists/winners, and $80,000 in prizes given away to ANYONE who enters.

Finalist loglines/scripts are sent to over 200 companies.

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*miscellaneous prizes are given away at random
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Ellen Sandler
Ellen was nominated for an Emmy for her work as a Co-Executive Producer of the CBS hit series, Everybody Loves Raymond. She has written for many other prime time network television comedies, including ABC's long running Coach, and has created original television pilots for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Family, Oxygen Network, and the Disney Channel.
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Monthly Tip By Marilyn Horowitz
How To Improve Your Plot By Asking Three Questions About Your Main Character

One of my students was utterly stuck on a rewrite because he felt the plot had become convoluted and contrived. The story was about how an accountant helped recover millions of dollars stolen from the Jews by the Nazis during World War 11, risking his life in the process. In the course of the screenplay, the mousy accountant picks up a shotgun and discovers he likes using it. This change from mild-mannered to murderous came too abruptly and without sufficient motivation for the screenplay to flow. Although the second half of Act 2 of the script became a well-structured action movie, the third act once again fell flat, although there was lots of violence and the bad guys were killed. My student was ready to abandon the project when he came to see me.

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