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Improved Import / Export
Export Screenplay
  • Final Draft® 8 (.fdx)
  • PDF
  • RTF
  • Scheduling (.sex)
  • Scene Numbering
Have scripts written on Final Draft? Or maybe you work with a writing partner who hasn’t yet realized the power of Movie Outline. Version 3.1 can now directly import and export your script to and from Final Draft. What’s more, you can also import PDF, rich text and plain text files with layout and Movie Outline will automatically reformat them. 3.1 can also display scene numbers that automatically update as you type, and print and export scene numbers to scheduling programs for production.

These new document sharing features make working with writing partners and production managers across platforms and programs a breeze and the unique ability to open PDF files in their native format will be beneficial for those writers wishing to import and analyse the many shooting scripts now freely available on the web.

Full Script Mode / Scene Cards

Edit Screenplay You asked and we listened. By far the biggest request from our users was for us to include the ability to edit a script in its entirety and view the total page count while retaining your step structure. 3.1 provides this feature by letting you select which mode you want to use (Full Script Mode or Step Mode) via the Options menu, status bar or by double-clicking on the outline list while on Script or Step Card views.

If you double-click on a step title in your outline list, Movie Outline will display your full script and a list of scenes in the right-hand pane. This also applies to Step Cards which can now be flipped between steps or scenes. The status bar and purple “theme” indicates which mode you are in and by clicking on the status bar you can also customize display options. When working in Full Script mode the console navigates and arranges scenes instead of steps and is directly linked to your script.

Content Icons / Speech Count

Script Dialogue The outline list now displays a small icon indicating that a particular step has outline content. This is helpful when navigating a project to immediately know where you have outline, script and notes and where you don’t! Another major addition to the content icons view is “Speech Count” which will now display a small “speech bubble” icon beside the character icon on the Character tab allowing you to instantly see where characters appear in your script and how much dialogue they have.

Simply click on a character name in your character list and see where their speeches appear throughout your story. You can now also sort your character list alphabetically or by speech count, and you can add characters from your script to your project via the Tools menu.

Auto-Convert / Auto-Capitalization

Script Editing Another popular request was for Movie Outline to automatically convert elements as you type. So now if you enter a scene introduction or transition (as defined in your auto-complete list) the text will change to the correct element, saving you even more time while typing so you can focus on what really matters - the story. Auto-convert and auto-complete has been optimized to handle custom scene heading separators for international users and now also auto-capitalizes the first letter of sentences.

Register Script / Submit Script

Print & Bind Screenplay Version 3.1 now includes direct links on the File menu to Hollywood Script Express, our Script Printing & Shipping Service which you can join for FREE!

HSX lets you upload your work from wherever you are in the world and register its intellectual property by providing a digital timestamp to your file which is then encrypted and securely stored on our servers.

You can also use HSX’s unique professional script copying and shipping service to submit your script to agents, managers, producers and contests.. or even yourself! With HSX's powerful and intuitive interface you can track submissions, log responses, manage feedback and contacts and even get your script in the right hands by same-day courier in Los Angeles from any international location.

Improved International Language Support

Version 3.1 now supports the correct encoding for import and export to plain text, rich text, html and PDF.

Language Encoding Like most applications, PDF export still requires specific fonts to be installed for text to be displayed correctly. Movie Outline on the Mac now also displays international text correctly if your preferred language is set in OS X System Preferences and you are using the right font.. such as one ending with “CY” for Cyrillic (Russian) or “CE” for Central European languages (i.e. Polish and Hungarian). You can also select a specific encoding for export via Preferences.

Over 100 new features, fixes and enhancements including:
  • NEW: Ignore UK spelling variations option
  • NEW: Open last project on start-up
  • NEW: Sample short film project “Once Bitten”
  • NEW: Save prompt on close of Character Profile Wizard
  • NEW: Preferences and menu options for Scene Numbering
  • IMPROVED: Handling of cut, copy, paste, drag & drop to retain element formatting
  • IMPROVED: PDF export font handling, text spacing and style
  • IMPROVED: 100% Windows 7 and Snow Leopard Compatible
  • FIXED: Printing page range
  • FIXED: Pagination and text wrapping issues across page breaks
  • FIXED: Re-scrolling issues as you press enter in middle of regular text fields
  • FIXED: Scrollbar and click on scrollbar track now correctly navigates pages
  • FIXED: Project folder not created in “Documents” if you’ve set custom locations
  • FIXED: Ctrl+backspace or delete now deletes previous/next word or paragraph

With Version 3.0 we have incorporated all the tools a writer needs to create a screenplay from story to final shooting script, making Movie Outline a powerful one-stop shop for all screenwriters - novice and pro!
  • Screenplay Formatting & Auto-Complete
  • Character Development & Tracking Tools
  • FeelFactor Story Analysis Graphs
  • Visual Drag & Drop Index Cards
  • Drag & Drop Steps/Tasks in your Outline/Tasks List
  • Customizable Color-Coded PowerView Structure Templates
  • Sample Structure Templates including the Hero's Journey
  • Dialogue Spotlight to view a character's isolated dialogue
  • Notes & Script Sections for each step
  • Powerful Import, Print & Export Facility
  • Ability to export your own projects into your Reference Library
  • 12 Updated Reference Outlines & Analyses with FeelFactor graphs
  • Speedier, more intelligent Spell-Checker with live spell-checking
  • Powerful Thesaurus with synonyms, antonyms, definitions and examples
  • Ability to Merge Steps & Copy/Paste Story Tasks
  • Insert Special Characters Feature
  • Title Page creation
  • Auto-Backup facility
  • Integrated Check For Updates
  • Deactivation Feature to transfer activations to another computer
  • Improved Step & Task Highlight Feature
  • Draggable Window Divider to customize your workspace
  • SmartHelp to view context sensitive help with your mouse
  • Tip of the Day now has even with more screenwriting advice
  • 100% Cross-Platform
  • Plus a fresher user-interface with many enhancements!

Registered Version 1 & 2 Customers click here to upgrade for only $80! (List Price: $199.95)

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