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Nuvotech launches Hollywood Script Express

Filed under: Press Releases by admin @ 2:41 pm on April 23, 2009

April 23, 2009¬†¬†(London, UK) –¬†Nuvotech is pleased to announce the launch of their new script submission and intellectual property registration service that provides screenwriters with professional printing, binding and shipping from their web browser.

Online Script Submission

Hollywood Script Express offers scriptwriters, wherever they are in the world, the ability to upload a screenplay and have it professionally printed and bound to industry standards from one of their Los Angeles Printing Partners and shipped the same day by FedEx or hand delivered by courier. This facility especially benefits out-of-state and overseas screenwriters who normally spend a great deal of money on shipping and cannot easily present their documents in Hollywood’s industry-specific format.

“As a writer based in London, this always proved an obstacle for me when I needed to send a script to Hollywood.” explains Dan Bronzite, CEO of Nuvotech. “First I had to order the US letter size paper (we use A4 in the UK) pre-three-holed-punched (we have two or four hole punches) and brass brads (we use different types) and then ship my script via an international courier which would cost a fortune. With HSX we have streamlined the entire process so that writers can submit their scripts to agents, producers, studios and contests at the click of a button.”

Submission Tools & Tracking

Once you have created an account with Hollywood Script Express, you can customize your calendar, track submissions, manage contacts, log responses, view graphical statistics and collate feedback. All of your script management tools are conveniently centralized into a single online interface that allows you to focus on the creative writing process and not the technicalities of the business. Additional screenwriter specific services will soon be available to Hollywood Script Express clients including coverage and proof-reading.

Intellectual Property Registration

Hollywood Script Express’ intellectual property registration service assists in establishing proof of your work’s completion date by providing a digital timestamp for your uploaded script and a documented record of your claim to authorship. Your encrypted file is stored securely for five years with the option to renew and you will receive a Registration Certificate and Unique Registration number.

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Service Features

Become An Authorized Printing Partner

If you run a print & copy shop in Los Angeles, New York or Florida then the Hollywood Script Express Printing Partner Program may benefit your business. As an Authorized Hollywood Script Express Printing Partner you will be able to accept online orders for script submissions without owning a website or having e-commerce capability. Printing Partners can also earn commission on all future orders from referred customers.

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About Nuvotech

Nuvotech is a software and Web 2.0 services company based in London, England. It was founded in 1999 by produced screenwriter and director Dan Bronzite to publish innovative software and services for the creative industry. Its most recognized brands are Movie Outline a cross-platform screenplay development application and Hollywood Script Express a script copying and delivery service in Los Angeles.


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