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The Freedom to Shop: Contracts For Optioning A Screenplay

Robert Seigel discusses contract alternatives to the standard screenplay option agreement for screenwriters.

The Top Ten Reasons For When You, As A Writer, Need A Lawyer

Entertainment Attorney Robert L. Seigel gives you the hard facts we always wanted to know about screenwriting and the law.

How do you secure the rights for a remake of an old movie?

Question by Ben in Texas.

Will entering screenplay competitions work against me when I try to sell my script?

Question by Keith in California.

What happens if I get a new agent but then an old project gets produced?

Question by Richard in Arizona.

As a UK writer, do I need to obtain a working visa to perform an assignment while in the US?

Question by Kim in the United Kingdom.

Can the public statements of public figures be freely incorporated into the dialogue of fictional characters in a screenplay?

Question by Reed in Colorado.

How do producers and arbitrators decide how credit is split between multiple writers?

Question by Monica in Illinois.

What details do I need to know regarding internet distribution of my produced script?

Question by Christian in Georgia.

What do you advise to pursue first, the stage production or the movie version of my script?

Question by Joseph in Texas.

Should I try and secure an agent or manager before sending my script to producers?

Question by James in New Jersey.

As a writer based in the UK, what pitfalls do I face in getting my script read and produced in Hollywood that US-based writers do not?

Question by Penny from London.

What protection for a screenwriter does the Writers Guild offer?

Question from Bethany in Idaho.

Can a screenwriting contract specify that a producer cannot replace me as the principle writer?

Question by Darren from California.

Do I need to obtain a release from every living person I wish to write about from a real event in history?

Question by James from Virginia.

What steps do I need to take to secure the rights to adapt a novel?

Question by Lillian from Massachusetts.

What happens if a studio or production company buys your script with the "secret" sole intention of killing the project?

Question by Hal from Toronto.

Should I try to attach myself as director to my first script?

Question by Todd from California.

How common are submission release forms and what rights am I signing away?

Question by Melissa from Connecticut.

How much of a script does a hired rewriter have to change to receive a screenplay credit?

Question by Rick from California.

Is it okay for me to send out a spec script based on the central character of a popular Hollywood movie?

Question by Evan from Arizona.

What percentage point figure does a new screenwriter typically receive?

Question by Kate from Ohio.

Do you need a signed release form when writing a script that includes a real personality?

Question by Joe from Alabama.

If you work with a writing partner, is it advisable to have a contract between you?

Question by Jennifer from Florida.

What are the differences between script submission from agents, managers and attorneys?

Question by Mark from New Jersey.

Is it okay to use the actual name of a university or should I make up a fictitious name?

Question by Alison from Ohio.

Should I sign a screenplay purchase agreement and free option contract at the same time?

Question by Greg from New York.

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