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Writing a script is hard enough but once it is finally completed and ready to show to the world, one crucial question faces every writer -- "Where do I start?"

1. Research, Research, Research...

First, you need to research potential recipients and the best way is online. Hollywood Script Express has a helpful list of literary agents and literary managers, productions companies and script writing contests. You may also wish to purchase a copy of the Hollywood Creative Directory.

One of the mistakes new writers make is sending their script "unsolicited" to just about anyone they can find. This is not advised. You must first research potential production companies that perhaps make movies in the same genre as your script, and agents and managers who have good reputations. You don't have to go for the big agencies when you first start out, that will happen further down the line when you have achieved some success. The exception here is if you manage to get a contact through your own networking efforts or family and friends. A personal introduction is also a bonus!

2. Always Send A Query Letter Or Email

Once you know who you are going to approach you must them send them a "query letter" or email which is essentially a one page letter introducing yourself, your background and the logline of your script you wish them to read. Industry professionals will take you more seriously if you approach them in this manner and ask them politely whether they would like to read your screenplay. If they like what you have to say then they will request your script.

3. Professional Presentation

Now your foot is in the door you need to make sure you do not blow the whole thing by sending someone an unprofessionally presented screenplay. Hollywood has strict standards and readers, agents, managers and execs are very fickle. That's why we recommend you use the professional script copying and submission service from Hollywood Script Express.

Not only does HSX allow you to submit your script to agents, producers and contests, but they also let you manage your submissions through a suite of powerful submission tracking tools which include contact management, follow-up reminders, feedback compilation, response stats and copyright protection.

Hollywood Script Express

After signing up for a free acount you can then upload your screenplay, attach a cover letter, enter the destination (or multiple destinations) and have it professionally printed, bound and shipped the same day from Los Angeles. This service will save you time and money, especially if you are based outside of LA and the USA.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

Good luck.